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Somerset Chimney Services

For a professional chimney sweep service in Dorset & Somerset

Dorset & Somerset Chimney Services provides a high-quality chimney sweep service covering all of Dorset & Somerset.

Chimney sweeping is important as the build-up of soot and tars in the flue can lead to restrictions and potential dangerous carbon monoxide leaks or even a chimney fire which can cause structural damage to the chimney and building, or even lead to a more devastating house fire.

If your chimney hasn’t been inspected properly in past twelve months, regardless of the season, scheduling a chimney sweep Dorset immediately can be your best option. When your inspections get into rhythm, you may consider to schedule Somerset chimney sweeping services before the seasons.

Avoiding fires

An extremely combustible residue buildup on chimney walls after burning, so chimney flare ups are commonly the result of built up creosote, wood. A professional chimney cleaning will make sure that creosote or other obstructions have been removed properly and your chimney is clear now.

What does a chimney sweep Dorchester involve?

You can clean your chimney on your own using long-handled flexible chimney brushes, but we suggest hiring a professional chimney sweep Yeovil company which will do a thorough inspection of your chimney and clean it properly. A thorough fireplace and chimney inspection includes checking the firebox, smoke chamber, liners and chimney exterior. The chimney inspection can easily detect all those structural problems that require maintenance or repair.

Fire safety officials recommend that you should get your chimney inspected and cleaned regular every year, specially when you burn woods more than 30 fires a year or if your chimney is a main source of your winter heat. A regular inspection with cleaning can also help you avoid fire damage or exorbitant repairs in long run.

One Sweep £48 inc VAT. Multiple chimneys in one property or neighboring property’s discount can be arranged.

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